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Here at Cavonix, we focus on vehicles that operate in controlled environments. With our combined experience in streamlined processes, and decades of experience to facilitate the delivery of products in a time and cost-efficient way, our technology is developed in-house by our dedicated and assiduous team.

Our leadership is second to none in their extensive depth of experience specialising in manufacturing, autonomous vehicle dynamics, machine learning, hardware and software design.

Our team of engineers have developed an esteemed reputation for delivering the impossible in record time. They are driven for success without exception, in the harshest of environments, and tightest of deadlines.

About Us

We are a team of engineers, who are accustomed to getting results, where others have failed. Our approach to autonomous technologies is no different, we identify the areas where the most difference can be made and innovate to create solutions to achieve something truly unique, and most importantly, useful.

We have gained a deep understanding within our sector by creating many of the components integral to our solutions, in-house. This allows the seamless integration of many technologies, and this approach has allowed us to significantly reduce project timescales.

Our Story So Far

After working with many different companies offering Autonomous and X By Wire control systems, we decided to become the only company to reject outsourcing and instead, build our own end-to-end solution.

Previously on Cavonix…

Cavonix have a great extent of experience working with global organisations, offering and developing autonomous and X by Wire systems. In 2017, we developed our first autonomous test robot and our knowledge and prowess of autonomous technologies have only proliferated since, building our own technology and visualising every step from concept to creation to completion.  

As we began, we developed high quality technology for many white-label projects exhibiting our vast understanding of the engineering, manufacturing and developing processes involved in creating autonomous vehicles. We have assisted the development of 4×4 off-roaders, pods, shuttles, agricultural machinery, airport transport buses and military support vehicles. These were all created with Cavonix very own in-house technology, built by our esteemed engineers devoted to innovation. 

Now, we are creating our very own versatile range of autonomous vehicles and AI technology, from Agriculture to Avionics – Mining and Drones. We work to increase safety, sustainability, maximising profit, and saving time and money. Our products are vital, and our team of engineers are next to none, having once produced a fully autonomous vehicle in a four week deadline, on budget. 

Here at Cavonix we value our consumers and aim to provide the utmost experience for all markets. For universally accessible advancements, providing solutions for success – we develop technology so fundamental, you won’t need to look back.

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