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Rapid Technology Development

Most of our developments start with an in-house simulation, using our powerful CAVlab software we are able simulate real-time scenarios quickly to establish a fully working system in the virtual world without ever leaving the office.

Since our simulations are so complete and the unique feature that our CAVlab software can also be deployed in the outside world for real-time processing, often we can just replace the simulation inputs and outputs with the real ones and demonstrate a new product working in real life first time without any re-coding. This provides an end to end development system that starts in the office and ends up driving a vehicle all using the same in house code on CAVlab.

Plugging the Gaps

As our sector is so fast-paced, when new technology arrives we understand the need to integrate that into our existing development environment and the need for it to be the first up and running with any new developments.

Due to the fact that we have created our own development environment, we are able to quickly and easily implement an update, adding any new systems directly into CAVlab, as such enabling a re-usable new module for any existing product.

Robust Deployment

Once we have a new product working in the real-world we then have all of the necessary code and maths to make a choice on deployment. Do we use a computer or hard code it into some hardware? This is where CAVdaq comes in; our own programmable hardware solution using super powerful microprocessor chips to facilitate low level processing and safety critical systems.

The key to CAVdaq technology, is that it is already fully functional within our CAVlab systems, so it’s not a long process to convert it into a hardware product using the tried and tested maths.

Virtual Test & Build Safety

All of our software is tested by nature of its design in CAVlab with countless unit and modules tests during the simulation phase before it ever enters a vehicle. For us safety is a philosophy not a process.

With our design philosophy of using the right technology in the right place we incorporate layers of safety into our designs. This means low level ISO certified hardware talking to the safety critical systems with multiple layers of machine monitoring to ensure a safe and robust system at all times.

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