We develop software and electronics for connected, autonomous vehicles.

With decades of experience, streamlined processes and our own in-house technology we can develop products in record time and at a fraction of the cost.

A key factor in our ability to develop so quickly are the technologies we have developed and central to all of these is our rapid application development tool, CAVLab. 

Using this software we can design, prototype and deploy software solutions significantly faster than using traditional software development methods.


Our Technology

To support us on any project we can make use of a a wide range of other technologies we have developed in-house.

Autonomous Control System that uses mapped localisation data to follow prescribed routes

Multi-purpose, standalone data acquisition board that communicates with CAVlab

Flexible cloud based monitoring and control system 

Telemetry reporting using 4/5G to send real-time data back to base for monitoring and control

RTK based GPS system providing 1cm accuracy for extremely precise positioning and navigation

Sensor Fusion system for processing huge amounts of real-time data hundreds of times a second

Fleet Management System system which uses our telemetry technology to track and manage a fleet of vehicles

Cavonix Design Philosophy

Our unique approach to development has paid dividends time and time again, reaching colossal milestones, in record time, and keeping within budget. How is this possible?


A key advantage in the Cavonix development life cycle is the conceptualisation of the entire project, from beginning to end, before we hand over to our highly proficient team of engineers. We are experts at creating the right team for the job; with a broad spectrum of skills sets and no egos.


Think “physics meets reality”. Our mantra is that if it doesn’t work, we aren’t interested. Adopting this philosophy has saved us countless trips down blind alleys, chasing fair-weather technology; saving you valuable time and resource.

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Rapid Technology Development


Most of our developments start with an in-house simulation.

Using our powerful CAVlab software, we can quickly simulate real-time

scenarios, to establish a fully working system in the virtual world, without

ever leaving the office.

Our simulations are so complete, with a unique feature that

our CAVlab software can also be deployed in the outside world, for real-time processing.

A benefit of this is that often, we are able to replace the simulation inputs and outputs with real ones, and showcase a new, fully working

product, in real life, first time and without any re-coding. This provides an end-to-end development solution, from desk to road, all sharing the identical in-house CAVlab code.

Plugging the Gaps

With the arrival of advanced technology, it goes without saying that to be ahead of the game we need to quickly integrate the new science into our state-of-the-art development environment.

The fact that we have spent decades expanding our own Research and

Development environment, enables us too quickly and seamlessly add any new systems directly into CAVlab, producing a re-usable new module for the product.

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Robust Deployment

By the time all design and testing has been completed, and we have a fully working,“real world” product, we have the necessary code and mathematics to make a choice on software deployment.

Do we use a computer or embed hard code into hardware?

This is where benefits of CAVlab come forward; A specialised programmable hardware solution, using super powerful

microprocessor chips to carry out the low-level processing and safety critical systems.

The intrinsic key to the accuracy and speed of this process is that we already have the fully working model in our CAVlab system. Using our tried and tested equations, conversion to the final hardware product is simple and efficient.

Safety through Virtual Testing

All of our software is tested in CAVlab, by nature of its design.

During the simulation phase, and before any product even enters a vehicle, our experts and computer systems have carried out countless unit and modules tests.

For us, safety is a philosophy not a process.

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