Cavonix Investment Summary

With innovation at the core of everything we do, Cavonix are thrilled to be entering a funding round following our recent successes, significant growth and many business advancements.

We offer a suite of 8 cutting-edge and unique technologies that promise to deliver fully integrated and configurable solutions.

Our team look forward to hearing from you and eagerly anticipate any questions that are sent our way.



Our team hold decades of expertise and success in autonomous dynamics, robotics, hardware & software design.

We would like to offer the opportunity grow with our business, to give us the chance to rewrite our present and our future.

Cavonix technology will feed the mouths of the hungry, labour for those who can’t, and bring the change to the world that we know we need.


We are ambitious but realistic, and we plan to increase our revenue to £120 million within the next 5 years.

We are proud to have funded ourselves so far, but within the industry there is a predicted compound annual growth rate of 22.75% by 2027, and we have to keep up with the market which is rising from $22.2 billion to $75.95 billion before 2028.

With current enquiries from OEM consumers, we anticipate our exponential growth over the next 18 months, setting us up for acquiring new hardware and looking at the prospect of further vehicle types.

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We have an EIS Advanced Subscription round now open to all suitably qualified investors.

The minimum investment amount is £10,000.

Our investment process is managed by SeedLegals.




Cavonix Technologies & Solutions

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Cavonix technologies are built in house and can be fully integrated with all our solutions

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Our bespoke solutions span across agri tech, mining, aviation and drones

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