The CAVsence Sensor Fusion system uses a range of hardware from bespoke high speed microprocessors systems to powerful embedded PC systems to best process the huge amount of real-time data hundreds of times a second. We have developed a range of sensor input modules that process the real-time signals to make decisions on whether vehicles should adjust their course, slow down, accelerate or stop. Since no single sensor is sufficient for a complete picture we use a combination of real-time HD video with Radar, and LIDAR to detect any objects around the vehicle.

LIDAR Processing Software & Object Detection Real-time LIDAR laser sensor data is processed by our CAVsense system. This uses data from a new type of Flash Radar unit that is very robust in many difficult conditions such as heavy rain, fog  and snow. This gives a 360 degree view around the vehicle used for object detection. RADAR Processing Software & Object detection Real-time RADAR data is processes buy our CAVsense system and detects hundreds of objects in real-time and calculates their relative velocities to foresee potential collisions way in advance.

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