The CAVacs is an Autonomous Control System that uses our mapped localisation data to drive the prescribed routes. Routes can be changed on the fly using out Fleet Management System CAVtrak to provide sophisticated control and monitoring. One of the key things about the CAVacs is that it can be quickly dropped into any vehicle, be that a car, bus, digger, pod or tractor. Our CAVacs system uses proprietary algorithms to take control of a self-driving vehicle and take over the vehicles steering, dynamic braking and acceleration to enable it to drive autonomously & safely. ACS Simulation

We have developed our own in-house ACS simulator allowing rapid transition from one vehicle to another vehicle without the need to test on the open road. This contains a very sophisticated physics engine that not only handles the basic acceleration and deceleration but also looks ahead calculating the radius of approaching corners to manage the deceleration as it approaches a bend etc.

Using our ACS simulator we can quickly plug in any vehicle dynamics and see how it will perform on the open road instantly.


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