Rapid Development

Cavonix have been able to make significant advancements at a very fast pace in the world of autonomy. Using our own in-house engineering and development expertise we have dedicated our time to drive down the costs to ensure a real, affordable end-to-end autonomous solution. We have provided support and assistance in the development of several white-label autonomous vehicles such as 4×4 off-road vehicles, self-drive pods, shuttles, agricultural machinery, airport transport buses and military support vehicles, and we don’t plan on stopping there.

Cavonix can rapidly produce an end-product in just a few weeks, from concept to completion. This is achieved through the off the shelf lift and shift Cavonix autonomous package and our in-house integrations team.

Cavonix own 100% IP rights for our innovations and we surpass many companies in the field having quickly become one of the first companies to have a tangible autonomous vehicle solution.  Not only do Cavonix provide stand-alone solutions, but also a complete process from inception to reality – our technology includes, but is not exclusive to:

Localisation Technologies using our own X by wire control, talking in CAN, LIN and RS232 to all parts; BMS, Electronic Power Steering, Electric Motor Control, Localisation Technologies (RTK, GPS, LIDAR, RADAR, SENSOR, FUSION), Video Analysis, the brains; Autonomous Control System, Path Planning with Fleet Management, Vehicle telemetry using 4/5G, and Radio Data Communications.

The Challenge is Time, and Not Enough of it.

With our unique CAVlab technology system, one engineer can work at the speed of 100. However, the main challenge is one of code versus testing.

The race to create mature code that has been tested in the real-world is the biggest challenge, and one where Cavonix can give a real advantage.

CAV development is a technology race. As sensors and communications develop, we integrate these effectively into our technology and work on coding quicker and smarter. We have pioneered a new approach – giving the developers the ability to simulate and drive the real vehicle using the same code base.

This means that we can, in real time, debug and alter code whilst autonomously driving, the corollary being that our team of engineers can work together globally on the exact same code.

From Conception to Reality

Cavonix offer end-to-end solutions, limiting the number of suppliers required for the projects we undertake.

Cavonix X by wire control is designed to integrate with all vehicle types offering easy to implement artificial intelligence solutions.

Cavonix Radar offers full IP on our ACS software platform, in addition to full IP on our fleet management system, 5G connectivity, NTRIP and radio communication, as well as 2-way communication solutions.

Autonomous Architecture

Cavonix autonomous architecture solutions include:

  • Throttle
  • Brakes and Steering
  • Signalling and Lighting
  • X by Wire Control Integration
  • ACS Control System
  • Sensing Technology

Bespoke Market Solutions 

The market sectors for Connected Autonomous Vehicles (CAV) are diverse; agriculture, mining, transportation and logistics to name but a few; Cavonix offer a one-stop-shop for multiple integrated solutions and technologies for use across all sectors and use types. Our solutions are versatile, meaning that they can be configured to provide a vast range of uses across the markets we service.

Our Key Markets

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