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Autonomous Agricultural Vehicles are a revolutionary evolution of technology that greatly increase your yield and make labour shortage and long hours a thing of the past. 56% of UK land is farmed, and given the current climate and labour shortages, farming has become exceptionally harder work, giving little time for agricultural workers to do anything. Built by the innovators of technology, for the farmers of the land, to feed the mouths of the hungry – our technology provides solutions for success.

The Cavonix autonomous stack is a concept that we turned into a creation aimed at mapping, driving, & monitoring. Just like a person it can see, feel, control and communicate, eliminating the need for a driver. This means that farmers have time to focus on other areas of their businesses without having to constantly harvest and plant which often end up taking all day, and well into the night.

Just choose your route plan for the vehicle and hit the ‘go’ button on our interactive app. Stand back and watch the work complete itself, and if any issues arise then you will be notified. Provided is a live video feed with the ability to show you, in real-time, footage of the vehicles at work for you to monitor status and view telemetry data from the vehicle. Instantly send instructions for what you would like it to do next. For example, avoid an obstacle, refuel or just continue.

Our Artificial Intelligence system can identify foreign objects in the path of a vehicle, and our LIDAR Laser sensors can accurately give range to any obstacles in view. In addition, we have a Radar sensor that can see in difficult light conditions and fog etc. Together, these systems are fused together to make reliable predictions of any obstacles in the path and if necessary, cause the vehicle to stop or navigate around the obstacles. 

Our fleet management system allows you to monitor all your vehicles, see where they are and how they are performing from the same place. This reduces fuel costs, labour costs and maintenance costs and improves efficiency steadfast, saving you the most expensive thing – time.

Automated farming can be a reality with the Cavonix Autonomous Control system; pushing the boundaries today, for a future tomorrow.

Robotic AI for Cultivation

Our DNA comes from a background in Robotics. Applications such as precision spraying for weed control, fruit picking and harvesting are ideal for robotics. We can apply our robotics control software to almost any application you can imagine and also add Artificial Intelligence (AI) to allow selective and reliable control.

Using Robotics we can maximise precision, and with an AI companion to speed up processes, your farm becomes more efficient and cost-effective – saving you time and money.

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