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Providing advanced solutions for airport transport, we have developedĀ autonomous control systems that can be retrofitted to Airport Buses and Baggage Handling vehicles allowing operators to drive the vehicles manually or fully autonomously.

Our fleet management software routes can be planned, altered, and uploaded directly to the vehicles whilst driving, and all of the vehicle telemetry data can be viewed on-the-go such as battery level and information from vehicles sensors. We can even stream the live video back to base where administrative decisions can be made and the vehicles can be remotely controlled if any exceptions occur.

Our Artificial Intelligence system can identify foreign objects in the path of the vehicle, and our LIDAR Laser sensors can accurately give a range to any obstacles in view. In addition, we have a Radar sensor that can see in difficult light conditions such as fog.

Together these systems are fused together to make reliable predictions of any obstacles in the path and if necessary, cause the vehicle to stop or plan a way around.

Airport support vehicle automation is just around the corner with the Cavonix Autonomous Control Systems.

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