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Implementing autonomous technologies for mining provides maximised efficiency and productivity. Cavonix mining solutions can be configured to have assistance in operation by humans or drive completely autonomously, and what’s more; our technology can be retrofitted to existing vehicles, saving both time and financial investment.

Track all of your vehicles with our fleet management software (FMS), improving underground communication, automation and transport Рand use our video streaming services to see what your vehicle is seeing. Mitigate objects in the path, take over with remote control and monitor all of the telemetry data like vehicle speed, fuel level, sensors etc.

Our Artificial Intelligence system can identify foreign objects in the path of the vehicle, and our LIDAR Laser sensors can accurately give a range to any obstacles in view. In addition, we have a Radar sensor that can see in difficult light conditions and fog and using this technology, we can derive value from secure data, enhance decision making, increase trade as a result of the brilliant technology that allows visibility and accuracy, and optimise processes such as transporting material from A to B.

Together these systems are fused together to make reliable predictions of any obstacles in the path. If the system thinks there will be a collision, it can stop the vehicle or plan a path around. This improves major safety conditions and health risks in such a field of work that invites many aspects of danger, and with this comes a vast increase in the scale of operation leading to a job increase in places that jobs may even be falling – GPS mapping, software design and data processing availability will increase in the trade as the scale of jobs that need to be filled is tipping further into technology by the day.

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