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Vertical Take-Off and Landing (VTOL) Drones evaluate and then calculate optimal area perimeters. With the help of the Cavonix Fleet Management System and the Cavonix RTK GPS system, drones will assess optimum pathways that cover an entire geofenced area and maximise the yield performed by agricultural applications. These drones can operate at high speeds, covering large areas and produce accurate mapping.

At Cavonix we are innovators, and our product versatility means that alternate applications are always possible. This configuration, designed to pre-map routes and optimise agricultural workflow, can also be applied to military support vehicles, allowing them to pre-map the safest routes and ensure a pathway from A to B. The versatile application may mean drones are being used in different fields, but the same accurate mapping, high speeds and land coverage are applicable.

VTOL Drones reduce safety risks, keeping your feet firmly on solid ground, and they can hover for extended periods of time ensuring that the designated area is mapped to maximum capability. The efficient manoeuvrability, vertical take-off and landing, and extended hovering are what make the technology so advanced, and the drones can take-off and land at any locations at any given times, completely unmanned.

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