CAVAcs is Cavonix Autonomous Control System. Our software developers designed mapped localisation data to take control of the driving of a vehicle through several predefined routes.

Proprietary Algorithms

We use proprietary algorithms to take control of a self-driving vehicle and manage the vehicle’s steering, braking and acceleration.

One of the key things about CAVacs is that it can be quickly dropped into any vehicle, be that a car, bus, digger, pod or tractor.

Localisation & Mapping

CAVacs records fixed objects in real-time whilst localising on a known route.

All routes are mapped using cm accurate RTK GPS and any fixed objects are added to our high definition map.

We can also define the road width and add passing places, junctions and pedestrian crossings.

Fleet Management System

Our fleet management system allows you to monitor all your vehicles, see where they are and how they are performing all from the same place, this reduces fuel costs, labour costs and maintenance costs and improves efficiency steadfast, saving you the most expensive thing – time.

Human Machine Interface

Using our CAVlab rapid development system we are able to quickly tailor any HMI experience to a customer’s needs.

We can provide multiple touch screens displaying real-time data inside vehicle, a building or across multiple sites.

These can be used to create rolling advertising boards with sound and video as well as displaying information and controls inside the vehicle.

Collision Avoidance

If objects are detected in the path of a vehicle CAVacs can make decisions about how to avoid a collision. It can either bring the vehicle to a halt or it can calculate a new route around the object.

This is done whilst obeying strict rules to ensure vehicles make safe decisions.

CAVacs also uses geofencing to ensure that if a vehicle deviates off path it is spotted instantly and the necessary corrections are made.

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