CAVcloud is our own data system designed to facilitate safe data exchanges between vehicles and monitoring systems such as CAVtrak. The Cloud system combines with CAVcon (installed on the vehicle) and allows data to be sent back and forth to an online data server containing encrypted algorithms to ensure safety of your data, where it is then read by our Fleet Management System and can even be sent and read by the vehicle, allowing connections with our HQ for instructions to be sent over.

CAVcloud data can also be viewed on any web browser – Phone, PC or Tablet/Computer. We developed this Cloud system as it is an important asset for a system to be functional, it is so convenient for data storage/exchange meaning that there is no longer a need for external hard drives, and no more paper waste. You get storage for a lifetime with automatic data backup – protecting your data and recovering anything lost. CAVcloud is cost efficient and includes ‘anywhere-access’ – you can remotely update and sync files on the go!

Our fleet management system allows you to monitor all your vehicles, see where they are and how they are performing all from the same place, this reduces fuel costs, labour costs and maintenance costs and improves efficiency steadfast, saving you the most expensive thing – time.

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