Cavonix CAVCon Technology provides wireless communication between vehicles and our HQ. This is a key component of any Fleet Management System (FMS) and the advantages of our ability to provide this link are endless. We implemented a 4G/5G modem to a CAVdaq to create CAVCon! Our system works both ways, so as well as receiving telemetry, we can also send control data to a specific vehicle, messages to the passengers, and even re-route a vehicle from behind the scenes.

Fleet Management System

Transforming the way you manage your fleet by organising, managing wirelessly and coordinating their movements to ensure an essential, smooth operation. FMS reduces fuel costs, labour costs and maintenance costs; it improves efficiency steadfast by saving time for any operation such as delivery or harvest, ensuring absolute safety of operators, vehicles and goods. The easy-to-operate system can announce news and weather updates, traffic information – and whether you’ve used it before or not, we provide straight forward solutions ensuring that you master control of your fleet in no time.

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