CAVdaq is a powerful and flexible data acquisition board that has been designed with multi-purpose versatility to standalone. CAVdaq works seamlessly with CAVLab by translating analog and discrete signals into digital data from the world around us, allowing us to display, store and analyse all content, working in tandem with a computer.

Using CAVdaq, we can connect to a vast range of sensors, GPS systems, 4G and 5G radio telemetry and CANbus devices. 

It has been designed by our team of insightful, bright minds to work either on its own, or alongside several other boards that can be connected together, compensating for the immense amount of power that is required to power an autonomous vehicle. We take every small detail into consideration, as our technology is designed to work, to last, and to save time and cost. It is with every confidence that Cavonix acknowledge the immense practicality of our in-house DAQ boards, quality of the highest standard.

CAVdaq is a piece of industry-leading equipment due to its high versatility, saving costs in the long run by using one-for-all rather than various standalone devices. Everything you do and everything you test is recorded onto the computer for you which eliminates the need for memorising or writing information down – just keep going and look back later!

The CAVgps technology is an in-house developed hardware that provides accurate, robust and reliable GPS, which is essential for determining the location of autonomous vehicles.

The CAVgps receiver can be easily retrofitted to our CAVdaq data acquisition board, providing a low cost RTK (Real-Time Kinematics) GPS system that provides positioning accurate to 1cm. This can be NTRIP (using 5G connection) or radio based connectivity for areas up to 10km radius and this allows us to have finite control over the autonomous systems.

Our RTK GPS system is a more secure and faster technology system with shorter observation time, higher positioning accuracy, and unnecessary inter-visible. Our system uses carrier phase shift measurement, resolving integer ambiguity.

Cavonix CAVCon Technology provides wireless communication between vehicles and our HQ. This is a key component of any Fleet Management System (FMS) and the advantages of our ability to provide this link are endless. We implemented a 4G/5G modem to a CAVdaq to create CAVCon! Our system works both ways, so as well as receiving telemetry, we can also send control data to a specific vehicle, messages to the passengers, and even re-route a vehicle from behind the scenes.

Transforming the way you manage your fleet by organising, managing wirelessly and coordinating their movements to ensure an essential, smooth operation. FMS reduces fuel costs, labour costs and maintenance costs; it improves efficiency steadfast by saving time for any operation such as delivery or harvest, ensuring absolute safety of operators, vehicles and goods. The easy-to-operate system can announce news and weather updates, traffic information – and whether you’ve used it before or not, we provide straight forward solutions ensuring that you master control of your fleet in no time.

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