CAVLab is the core foundation of our technology. It is a sophisticated, in-house technology that uses object-based graphical programming language that our team of hardworking software developers have meticulously constructed for the rapid development of self-driving vehicles.

Visually Built

Building applications in CAVLab is achieved by simply connecting components together graphically.

Powerful editing tools allow us to create user interfaces in record time and with the Ruby programming language built in as well as the option of linking to externally written code, our developers have ultimate flexibility.

Real Time Development

One of the key features of this amazing development tool is that it works in real-time allowing the developer to continue to code as the software runs – no need to constantly compile and test.

We can actually be changing the code as a vehicle is driving and see the effects as soon as we make the changes.

We can also catch errors as they happen which results in far fewer bugs and creates robust, safer code.

Connected Technologies

CAVLab has built in modules for connecting to a vast range of external devices. This means that we don’t have to re-invent the wheel every time we start a project.

We have components for interfacing to cameras, sensors, data acquisition devices, networks and many more.

Collaborative Approach

CAVLab allows designers, engineers and programmers to work together on the same software project regardless of their programming experience.

A designer can be building a user interface while an engineer works on the core system and their contributions can easily be brought together or exchanged as an application is being built.

Human Machine Interfaces

Using our CAVlab rapid development system we are able to quickly tailor any HMI experience to a customer’s needs. We can provide multiple touch screens displaying real-time data inside a vehicle, a building or across multiple sites.

These screens can be used to create rolling advertising boards with sound and video as well as displaying information and controls inside the vehicle.

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