CAVTrak Fleet Management System (FMS) thoroughly monitors the location and status for a pool of vehicles. Communication is two-way via 5G allowing you to modify vehicle routing and operate parameters in real-time. This also provides First Person View (FPV) remote control which allows an operator to take control of a vehicle if intervention is required.

The CAVTrak software system was developed using the Cavonix CAVLab technology, allowing CAVTrak to be adapted to different operating applications quickly and easily.

The CAVfarm mode has been developed for agritech and can be used to plough, mow, seed or spray an entire eld.

Simply drive the perimeter and let the CAVfarm algorithm calculate the optimum route to achieve maximum coverage.

CAVroutes are circular routes that can be re-driven all day long. Originally developed for airport buses, routes can include junctions and stops along the path.

We also have a ride hailing phone app that allows you to stop a vehicle at the nearest point to your location.

The Point 2 Point mode uses a path between two locations that can be traversed in either direction, just once, multiple times or continuously back and forth.

This could be used for military supply vehicles moving equipment or materials from a depot. Vehicles on patrol would also suit this use case.

We developed this mode to facilitate high speed testing on race tracks in a safe environment. Calculating the racing line allows the vehicle to be tested at higher speeds. Vehicle dynamics can also be assessed as the vehicle negotiates corners and other technical parts of the track.

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