We develop software and electronics for connected, autonomous vehicles.

With decades of experience, streamlined processes and our own in-house technology we can develop products in record time at a fraction of the normal cost.

Our Technology

A key factor in our ability to develop so quickly are the technologies we have developed and central to all of these is our rapid application development tool, CAVLab. 

Our in-house rapid application development tool allows us to radically reduce software development time.

Sensor Fusion system for processing huge amounts of real-time data hundreds of times a second

Autonomous Control System that uses mapped localisation data to follow prescribed routes

Flexible cloud based monitoring and control system 

Fleet Management System system which uses our telemetry technology to track and manage a fleet of vehicles

Multi-purpose, standalone data acquisition board that communicates with CAVlab

RTK based GPS system providing 1cm accuracy for extremely precise positioning and navigation

Telemetry reporting using 4/5G to send real-time data back to base for monitoring and control

Our People

Within our small team we cover a huge range of skills. We have decades of experience in areas including engineering, electronics, design and software development. ​
Our parent company, AIM Technologies, have been manufacturing world-class race data logging and timing equipment for decades and are considered leaders in their field. 

Our Work

We focus on vehicles that operate in controlled environments. These include airports, agriculture, warehouse, shipping and off-highway scenarios.  
Our technology ​can be fitted into Pods, Shuttles and Buses for passenger transport. We can also automate service vehicles such as tractors, harvesters and goods transporters.  
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